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Detained for NINE DAYS over Facebook posts

His incarceration in a psychiatric unit criticizing the COVID-19 narrative has marked the beginning of the end for freedom of speech. Now, Norwegian man Trond Harald Håland, and his lawyer Barbro Paulsen, are speaking out exclusively to LifeSiteNews over the draconian crackdown on free speech — and how COVID-19 is making a dictatorial comeback in the Western World. Thought crimes are being fully enforced on social media with real-world arrests quickly following. Nobody is safe in the New World Order. See background story here: HELP US FIGHT THE LIES OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND SPREAD THE TRUTH AROUND THE […]

Landmark censorship case likely headed to Supreme Court as Justice Alito pauses order blocking White House from contact with social media

US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on Thursday paused an order that would have restricted the Biden administration from communicating with social media companies after two lower courts found key government officials likely violated the First Amendment by pressuring the companies to censor information about COVID-19.