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The Internet Must Be Destroyed

The internet has diminished the elite's exclusive control over the flow of information. They will not tolerate this, and efforts are being made to control alternate sources of information.

First publication of documents on Gravel lawsuit against LifeSiteNews is important development

On Dec. 31, we brought LifeSiteNews readers up-to-date on the long running and still on-going lawsuit action against the Canadian branch of LifeSiteNews (LifeSiteNews, US is a separately incorporated organization, but this action has affected the entire organization). The Dec. 31 report was significant in that it included for the first time on LifeSiteNews the full text of the initial Fr. Gravel legal action in both French and English. The original legal action was written in French only and  was received at our Toronto mailing address (we do not actually work out of that address) during our staff Christmas break three […]