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COVID-19 Q&A | Medical expert Dr. Mark Trozzi

On October 13, Dr. Mark Trozzi, a dedicated frontline doctor, courageously debunked the rampant COVID-19 misinformation perpetuated by mainstream media outlets — revealing how this misinformation played a pivotal role in the extensive lockdowns that gripped the Western world in 2020. Dr. Trozzi exposes the global, coordinated efforts aimed at asserting control over commerce, religion, and individual freedoms — all done under the guise of “safety” during the COVID-19 “pandemic.” Engaging in a live Q&A with the audience in Peterborough, Ontario, Dr. Trozzi addressed questions shared by many around the world, resolute in his mission to reveal the truth behind […]
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COVID-19 frontline Dr. Mark Trozzi EXPOSES medical misinformation

In a talk given in Peterborough, Ontario, on October 13, frontline doctor Mark Trozzi exposed the COVID-19 medical misinformation that was so aggressively spread by the mainstream media — responsible for locking down virtually the entire Western world in 2020. Dr. Trozzi explained the worldwide coordinated effort to enforce complete control over commerce, religion, and freedom — all in the name of the COVID-19 “pandemic.” As the world continues to destabilize in Russia, the Middle East, and China, Dr. Trozzi continues to put everything on the line — his entire medical career — to speak the truth about the global […]

George Soros’ chief mission is the downfall of America

'Using his hold on the media, universities, and the White House, Soros has been able to push his ideas on racism; ecology and conservation; welfare for illegals; legalizing drugs; going soft on crime; automatic voter registration; canceling student; housing; and medical debt; and cutting military budgets.'