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Google reverses itself, won’t block porn on Blogger from public searches after all

February 27, 2015 ( – Just days after tech giant Google announced its plan to remove pornographic blogs from public search results on its Blogger platform, the company has reversed course, responding to cries of censorship from users who insist the change would negatively impact their ability to “express their identities” through sexually explicit media. Currently, Google bans commercial pornographers from using its free Blogger platform to share content, but individual users can post pornographic content, provided it stays behind a warning page requiring would-be readers to check a box affirming they are at least 18 years old. Earlier this […]

NARAL lied: There were no ‘deceptive’ pregnancy center ads on Google

May 5, 2014 ( – On April 28 NARAL made a media splash by claiming it had gotten Google to remove a large number of “deceptive ads from anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers.” And those “deceptions,” if true, were major whoppers. From the Washington Post: According to an analysis by NARAL, 79 percent of the crisis pregnancy centers that advertised on Google indicated that they provided medical services such as abortions, when, in fact, they are focused on counseling services and on providing information about alternatives to abortion…. Google said in a statement that it had applied its ad policy standards in this case and followed normal company procedures. That’s a lot of […]