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EU launches lawsuit against Hungary and Poland over ‘LGBTQ discrimination’

STRASBOURG, France, July 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The European Commission (EC) has opened legal proceedings against European Union (EU) member states Hungary and Poland, both of which have been accused of infringing upon the “equality and the protection of fundamental rights” of their LGBT-identifying citizens by implementing laws protecting the innocence of children and limiting the spread of “transgender” and homosexual material.  The lawsuit was launched in response to Hungary’s recent decision to implement a crackdown on the dissemination of homosexual-promoting materials to children under age 18 (as part of a wider law punishing pedophilia in the country), and in response to Poland’s numerous “LGBT ideology-free zones” in which so-called “equality marches” often include lewd displays of sexual depravity, […]