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Make it a Yellow Day

This movie spreads the culture of life in the best way possible: showing the love of life that these campers have, whether they are healthy or disabled, from a loving home or a neglectful one.

New film ‘Gimme Shelter’ smashes false image of pro-life homes for pregnant teens

The film is Gimme Shelter. And countering the trend in most of Hollywood, this new movie focuses on women’s teen shelters, which encourage young mothers-to-be to decide to have their babies. After taking a beating by mainstream media, which have sought to paint crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life homes for pregnant mothers as manipulative, a new film is set to smash that false image. Gimme Shelter, which is based-on-a-true-story, is a star-studded and entertaining production that will both attract and educate older teens and adults alike. Gritty and realistic, the story revolves around Agnes “Apple” Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens), a 16-year-old […]