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Was Vatican II a valid ecumenical council?

In 1982, Pope Benedict XVI (then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) called some of the documents of the Second Vatican Council a 'counter-syllabus' to Pope Pius IX's and Pope St. Pius X's syllabi and encyclicals against the heresy of Modernism. How should we Catholics interpret such a statement?

Abp. Viganò: Abolition of anti-Modernist Oath is ‘a desertion, a betrayal of unheard-of gravity’

In a wide-ranging response to LifeSite, Archbishop Viganò not only covers the history of the 1910 Oath Against Modernism and its abrogation and replacement by another formula of profession of faith, but he also discusses the influence of Jacques Maritain upon Pope Paul VI, the Gramscian-Communist method of cultural infiltration and subversion of the Catholic Church, and the person of Joseph Ratzinger as such.