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Introductory remarks to Oct. 24, 2013 LifeSiteNews webcast, “Confused by Pope Francis?”

Good evening. This is Steve Jalsevac, the managing director and a co-founder of LifeSitenews and I want to welcome you to this second LifeSiteNews webcast. The first webcast, titled, We are at war”, was broadcast on Friday, Sept. 27. If you have not heard that first webcast, I strongly urge you to do so since it includes important information about the mission and history of LifeSiteNews and why we must cover so many different, but related issues. Tonight, we are taking on another controversial subject, “Pope Francis and the pro-life and pro-family movements.” In the promotional article for this webcast […]

Here’s how Pope John Paul II handled the charge of ‘obsession’ with abortion

In the 1994 book-length interview of Pope John Paul II undertaken by writer Vittorio Messori, the soon-to-be canonized Pope John Paul responded to the charge of being ‘obsessed’ about abortion. In the chapter called The Defense of Every Life, Messori asked: “Your repeated condemnation of any legalization of abortion has even been defined as ‘obsessive’ by certain cultural and political factions which hold that ‘humanitarian reasons’ are on their side – the side that has led governments to permit abortion.” Pope John Paul II responded: For man, the right to life is the fundamental right. And yet, a part of […]