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Our #1 Priority in 2024 is DEFENDING THE FAMILY | Dr. Taylor Marshall

Why isn’t our number one priority for 2024 defending the family?   As one of America’s most prominent Catholic speakers, authors, and podcasters — Dr. Taylor Marshall just announced his unprecedented 2024 campaign for the President of the United States. The Catholic vote is key to Marshall’s campaign and his goal to unify America under God.   Watch the entire show here:   LOVE LIFESITE? LOVE BEING PRO-LIFE? GET THE FIRST AND ONLY LIMITED EDITION PRO-LIFE SILVER ROUND FROM LIFESITENEWS: SHOP ALL YOUR FUN AND FAVORITE LIFESITE MERCH! HELP US FIGHT THE CENSORSHIP OF BIG TECH: […]

Arizona audit reveals regular irregularities

Audits and election reform are necessary so that millions of voters can be confident our republic truly reflects the will of the voters. Despite all the media smears, the obfuscation and attacks from county officials and party leaders, these audits give hope to Americans desperate to see faith, family, and freedom restored in our nation.