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Would a ‘climate emergency’ open the same door to authoritarian governance as the ‘COVID emergency?’

There are better ways to address climate change than insisting federal lawmakers declare a national 'climate emergency' – including building a left-right coalition that can work together to build resilience to the environmental challenges of the 21st century while preserving democracy, civil liberties, and human rights.

Dr. Robert Malone: The real reason why the US gov’t is ending the national COVID emergencies

The widely distributed and weaponized fear porn which has driven the gross over-reaction of governments and their citizens (all over the world) was not justified. In retrospect, the global COVIDcrisis agenda and response which has devastated global economies, enabled a massive upwards transfer of wealth, and has been exploited to justify imposition of ‘The Great Reset’ globalist agenda items cannot be justified as a credible and effective ‘public health’ response.