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BREAKING: The Pope just set up Catholic priests for hate crime charges – Here’s how

Remember how during COVID Catholics were denied religious exemptions because Pope Francis had permitted them to take the jab despite its connection to abortion? Well that is about to play out now on priests who are asked to bless same-sex unions. Since the Pope has now given tacit permission for them leaving it up to priests to decide, they can now be held responsible for discrimination based on sexual orientation – which in many nations is considered a hate crime. HELP US FIGHT THE LIES OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND SPREAD THE TRUTH AROUND THE WORLD: LOVE LIFESITE? LOVE BEING […]

Memo reveals Trudeau gov’t coached airlines on denying unvaxxed travelers’ request for religious exemption

A memo from government lawyers stated that “There are a number of false empirical beliefs about the development, the contents, effects or purpose of the vaccines … For example, a conviction the Covid-19 vaccine contains aborted human or animal fetal cells or that DNA is altered by mRNA vaccines is empirically incorrect and should not be used as a rationale for the granting of a religious exemption even were this belief is sincerely held or rooted in religion.'