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OUTRAGE: San Antonio archbishop cancels a Catholic family business

The persecution of a Texas Catholic family and their business by the Archbishop of San Antonio is staggering. Watching Donald Trump, Kari Lake, RFK Jr., and so many more “conservatives” back deadly IVF is sobering. More attempts to remove conservatives from ballots are backfiring. Canada’s anti-Catholic, nominally Catholic leader Justin Trudeau is ready to jail faithful Catholics for 20 years. But heaven is ready to launch a reconquest as the times of confusion reach their apex. HELP US FIGHT THE LIES OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND SPREAD THE TRUTH AROUND THE WORLD: SHOP YOUR FAVORITE PRECIOUS METALS WITH LIFESITENEWS: […]

Kennedy, CHD win injunction in landmark censorship case against Biden administration

A federal judge on Wednesday issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting key Biden administration officials and agencies from coercing or significantly encouraging social media platforms to suppress or censor online content containing protected free speech. However, he also stayed the injunction until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a similar injunction in Murthy v. Missouri, a related censorship case.