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Give grannies your ‘v-card’: Planned Parenthood, LGBT group compare voting to sex in raunchy new ad (video)

(Note: The video appears to have been removed since we first posted it.)  A new television ad encouraging people in Barack Obama's home state to vote compares voting to losing your virginity. A husky-voiced female announcer introduces Doris and Betty, two senior women who fluff their hair and wink at the camera as two young men approach a mysterious looking building together. “They know what you want to do. It's probably your first time,” she says through a smoky voice. “They wonder if you have your v-card.” Having a “v-card” is a slang term for someone who is a virgin. “Yours […]

My strong hunch is that Ken Cuccinelli actually won Virginia

Take a look at this map.  It's a map showing the results of the voting in Tuesday's Virginia election for governor. All the solid red areas voted a majority for Cuccinelli. The small Dark blue ares went Terry McAuliffe (Yes, I know those are the most densely populated areas of Virginia). The rest were mixed. Notice that the map seems to be almost solid red. And yet, Ken Cuccinelli somehow very narrowly lost to his Democrat opponent. To me, something smells about this race  (not just because of all the red on the map) and I suspect Ken Cuccinelli actually […]