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Friends and family of imprisoned pro-lifers react to this week’s sentences in DC

Seven of the “D.C. Nine” jailed pro-lifers were sentenced on May 14 and 15 to additional prison time for their roles in a traditional rescue at a late-term abortion center. LifeSiteNews journalist Louis Knuffke, who has been extensively covering the trial and sentencing of these pro-life heroes, interviews friends and family of some of those sentenced. Despite their relief that the sentences were not as harsh as anticipated, they resolutely opposed the injustice of trying and convicting those who defend the most vulnerable in our society from certain death. READ MORE: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-7-republicans-cite-lifesite-in-letter-demanding-answers-over-mistreatment-of-jailed-pro-lifers/ Download the all-new LSNTV App now, available on […]