Where do (modern) babies come from?

'Eggsploitation' reveals the predatory practices of the fertility industry, which lures young women in need of money to undergo medical procedures that carry the risk of severe long-term health problems.

Eugenic prenatal cleansing spreads to Autism

More boys than girls have autism, so now, an Australian IVF clinic will search out male embryos for destruction before implantation, e.g., sex selection. A bioethicist thinks that accepting prenatal autism cleansing needs to be respectfully debated. From, “Prenatal Screening and Autism,” by Andrew Whitehouse: The internet was ablaze last week with the news that health authorities in Western Australia (WA) have given approval for IVF clinics to ‘screen’ embryos to reduce the chances of a couple having a child with autism. The Reproductive Technology Council will now allow certain women undergoing IVF treatment to be selectively implanted with female embryos only. The […]