Great minds think alike

Yesterday I wrote an article describing how our family is continuing to celebrate Christmas throughout this Christmas season – and not just on December 25, which is only the beginning of Christmastide. Many people in our secular world forget that traditionally the Christmas season only begins on December 25, and carries on through the feast of the epiphany on January 6, and even, according to some traditions, until February 2, known as Candlemas, or the feast of the presentation of Jesus in the temple. Apparently the pope has been thinking about some of the same things. In his Wednesday audience […]

Long live Christmas!

On Sunday after church my wife Cassidy had suggested, in what I had mistakenly taken to be a joking manner, that we scour the neighborhood and find a Christmas tree that someone had discarded, and set it up at home.

NewsBytes Jan. 1 – OBAMA

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