The Durham report sheds much light on the fourth ‘intelligence branch’ of the US gov’t

The United States 'intelligence branch' of government is the superseding entity that controls the internal politics of our nation. There are major intelligence networks around the world beside the NSA 'Five Eyes' database, however. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel all operate proprietary databases deploying the same tools and techniques for assembly.
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COVID, death & dying – Memoirs of a funeral director

Funeral Director Antonia Cummings sounds the alarm against sudden COVID deaths, the unexplained blood clots that may point to the deadly effects of experimental forced “vaccines,” and shares Catholic teaching on human burial. The John-Henry Westen Show airs nightly Monday through Thursday at 8:00 PM ET at LifeSiteNews, reporting on the biggest attacks against the Culture of Life including the New World Order, […]
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Steve Bannon | Computers Will Invent THEMSELVES and We Cannot STOP Them

Computers will invent themselves and we cannot stop them. Steve Bannon brings an urgent message of a Church in Crisis sounding the alarm against Church leadership and the quick decline of Western Christian culture. The Culture of Life is trying to save a non-Christian Western world from falling into an anti-Christian dictatorship filled with abortion on demand, transgender mutilation, Satan clubs in school, and woke propaganda in books, entertainment, and technology. The anti-Christian movement has already infiltrated schools, universities, and neighborhoods across America — even in the seats of government. The crisis in the Church continues as the anti-Christian […]