Vaccines & Children: What are the risks?

The press conference video will be live-streamed here on Wednesday, November 17 at 12pmEST.

A team of nationally acclaimed medical, scientific, and bioethics experts will expose the mounting health risks of the COVID vaccines, particularly for children, to counter the fear messaging promoting unnecessary COVID child vaccination ignoring both immediate and long-term severe risks. The panel explains parental rights, and what every parent should know to make informed decisions about their child’s health on Wednesday, November 17 at Noon EST.

The “Vaccines & Children: What are the Risks?” Video Press Conference will be livestreamed by LifeSiteNews, and multiple livestream platforms. To participate, please save this link or email [email protected]

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, President and CEO of the Truth for Health Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity, moderates this press conference featuring parents of children with permanent paralysis and death after the COVID shots. Speakers from different specialties share a common message: Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19? Make sure you are informed with truth and facts about this medical procedure before making a potentially life-changing medical decision on behalf of your child.

LifeSite co-founder John-Henry Westen will provide introductory remarks. Additional presenters include Senator Ron Johnson, Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and Chief Medical Advisor for the Foundation, internationally-renown Toxicologist and Molecular Biologist Dr. Janci Lindsay, Pediatric Critical Care Physician and Bioethicist Dr. Monique Robles, Texas pediatrician Dr. Osvaldo Villarreal, psychologist and pharmacist Dr. Stephen Sammut.

Truth for Health Foundation continues to expose the truth about the COVID shots, and is committed to providing parents with pertinent facts and knowledge regarding potential dangers to children, to helping  parents protect their children, and feel confident in fighting back against vaccine mandates and medical experiments being pushed on healthy children.

All speakers will be discussing the immediate risks of injury or death, and the long-term impact on heart, reproductive and brain health for children. Given the increase in the push to give every child in America the COVID vaccines, this information is absolutely vital.

Questions addressed during the press conference include:

  • What negative effects does the COVID vaccine have on heart, reproductive system, lung and brain of children?
  • What are the chances of my child dying from COVID without a vaccination?
  • What is the advantage, if any, of vaccinating a child against COVID?
  • What are the risks of vaccinating a child against COVID?
  • Since there are no long-term safety trials of the COVID vaccines, does vaccinating a child against COVID cause more harm than not vaccinating?
  • Are politics involved in the mandates and pushing to vaccinate children?
  • Can we trust doctors who say you have to vaccinate a population in order to see the long-term effects?
  • Can schools mandate vaccines without parental consent?

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