UNICEF - Anti-life, anti-family

United Nations International Children's Fund

UNICEF promotes itself and raises funds at Halloween by having children carry its donation boxes door-to-door. This practice is no longer appropriate.

Following is substantial evidence to prove that UNICEF has become a very willing partner in the population control anti-child and anti-family programs of the U.N. Until recently, UNICEF was vehemently denying its involvement in contraception and abortion programs. Since the Vatican's Nov. 1996 withdrawal of its targeted $2,000 annual symbolic contribution, UNICEF seems to have dropped the pretence and has become more open about its participation in such programs.

The pamphlet, UNICEF: Guilty as charged, by CLC's Winifride Prestwich and published by Life Ethics Centre, likely played a major role in the Vatican's crucial 1996 decision. The well researched and thoroughly documented report was personally given to a senior Vatican UN representative. The Vatican decision followed sometime afterwards.
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