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Elon Musk depicted with babies in promotion of population growth

(LifeSiteNews) — After the leftist news outlet, Politico, published a hit piece on the recent “Natal Conference,” which seeks to turn around the U.S. cultural death spiral by substantially increasing the nation’s birth rate, Elon Musk amplified the conference’s dire warning, saying  “If birth rates continue to plummet, human civilization will end.” 

In the video clip that Musk posted on X, the Natal Conference’s chief organizer, Kevin Dolan, began:   

We’re here to solve a problem that will define the next century.  

In our lifetime, in our children’s lifetime, every government, every culture, every belief system and every family on Earth will pass through a bottleneck, a bottleneck tighter than the black death, predicated on one question: ‘Will your children have children of their own?’  

[No matter who you are] This question is going to impact your life in a very direct way.   

“Every country in the developed world, and most countries in the developing world face long term population decline at a scale that makes that growth impossible to maintain,” continued Dolan, but “the mainstream institutions that used to get people educated and employed, married and supporting a family, are in terminal decline and have become hostile to life.” 

While globalist elites have repeatedly insisted that population growth has become the enemy of civilization, leading to planetary decline, Musk has remained firm in his belief that the opposite is true, declaring for many years that the biggest problem facing the world is not a “population explosion,” but “population collapse.” 

Politico dismissed the Natal Conference as an eruption of the “New Right, a conglomeration of people in the populist wing of the conservative movement.” It should be noted that the words Right, populist, and conservative squeezed into that sentence are derogatory terms for the publication’s left-wing followers.  

Globalist elites seek to address the daunting dual problems breathing down the necks of developed nations of population decline and aging populations through unfettered migration from third world countries.  Natalists seek to maintain their nation’s cultures by a different means: Married couples having more babies.  Lots more more babies.  

The Politico reporter who attended the December, 2023 event seemed troubled that “Throughout the day, speakers and participants hint[ed] at the other aspects of modern life that worried them about future generations in the U.S. and other parts of the West: divorce, gender integration, ‘wokeness,’ declining genetic ‘quality.’” 

“Many of the speakers and attendees see natalism as a way of reversing these changes,” continued the Politico piece. “As the speakers chart their roadmaps for raising birth rates, it becomes evident that for the most dedicated of them, the mission is to build an army of like-minded people, starting with their own children, who will reject a whole host of changes wrought by liberal democracy and who, perhaps one day, will amount to a population large enough to effect more lasting change.”  

However, it’s not “liberal democracy” that is being rejected. “Liberal democracy” is a thing of the past, having collapsed into outright woke neo-Marxism, the ideology which now not only permeates our elite classes, but which now rules every left-leaning political party in the western world and which describes how U.S. Democrat leaders — from school boards and universities to big city mayors and the current Presidential administration — govern, overseeing the decline of a once great U.S. way of life.   

The Natalist movement is not a monolithic entity; it consists of a broad coalition of individuals and organizations including some with troubling world outlooks and proposed solutions.  

Some, apparently, are fine with in vitro fertilization. Most disturbingly, one outspoken couple disclosed that they used a preimplantation genetic test in order to select an embryo which would produce an offspring of optimum genetic makeup.    

There was also at least one self-declared white supremacist was among the attendees.  

One can almost sense Margaret Sanger and Adolph Hitler smiling about that.   

‘You’re built to fall in love and have children and raise them’ 

“A consistent 95% of Americans say they want kids, but it looks like only about 60% of millennials will get there, and it’s much worse for the Zoomers,” noted Dolan during his presentation. 

“Fertility decline often gets characterized as ‘inevitable’; you give people the freedom to choose and it turns out parenting just isn’t a desirable choice,” he said. “But that’s not the story you hear from childless people.”  

“In surveys, only about 10% of childless people say it was a conscious decision.  Another 10% deal with some form of medical infertility,” he explained. “But in 80% of cases, it’s what demographer Stephen Shaw calls ‘unplanned childlessness.’”

“The infrastructure that gets ordinary people educated, employed, paired off, and raising kids is just broken down,” he continued.  Yet, “If you’re built to anything at all, you’re built to fall in love and have children and raise them.” 

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Doug Mainwaring is a journalist for LifeSiteNews, an author, and a marriage, family and children's rights activist.  He has testified before the United States Congress and state legislative bodies, originated and co-authored amicus briefs for the United States Supreme Court, and has been a guest on numerous TV and radio programs.  Doug and his family live in the Washington, DC suburbs.