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(LifeSiteNews) – Many may not be aware of the previous corrupt and potentially deadly specifically secret and/or covert actions the FBI and other law enforcement entities have used throughout the history of America. Possibly deliberately, there has not been much, if any, discussion of this potentially deadly corruption within specifically covert policing entities like the FBI and potentially even local police.

It is likely that those within local and national government do not want Americans to be aware of their covert and secretive actions.

A U.S. Senate report describes some of those corrupt covert or secretive actions committed by the FBI and other law enforcement, intelligence, and police entities. The U.S. Senate report is from 1976; however, while it cannot be completely detailed in this article, there is actually reason to believe that the corruption has increased rather than decreased since 1976. Thus, the examples provided in the report may not be the worst of the worst but are still necessary to be aware of.

This article will describe some of that corruption, particularly the use of covert propaganda and potentially deadly tactics, and conclude that a concerned citizen might want to ponder whether occurrences in the news are real, false information and propaganda, or hoaxes propagated by the FBI or potentially even local police entities. It may also be worth wondering what types of advanced innovative remote and covert surveillance and torture technologies and tactics might be used by such entities.

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NY Post: photo from the Hunter Biden Laptop 

Flickr: Officia do Palácio do Planalto. CC BY 2.0.  

Photos combined. 

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FBI and Intelligence Community’s deadly ‘vicious tactics’

The U.S Senate report provides several examples, such as the following:

Unsavory and vicious tactics have been employed – including anonymous attempts to break up marriages, disrupt meetings, ostracize persons from their professions, and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths. Intelligence agencies have served the political and personal objectives of presidents and other high officials. While the agencies often committed excesses in response to pressure from high officials in the Executive branch and Congress, they also occasionally initiated improper activities and then concealed them from officials whom they had a duty to inform.

Governmental officials – including those whose principal duty is to enforce the law – have violated or ignored the law over long periods of time and have advocated and defended their right to break the law. (Page 5, emphasis added)

“Government officials have violated or ignored the law over long periods of time,” used “vicious tactics” like destroying a person’s employment opportunities, and have even “advocated and defended their right to break the law.” They have attempted to “provoke targeted groups” into schisms, likely through covert stalking methods which one person or group is tricked into thinking was done by the other group, while in reality such actions were done by the FBI or other policing entity. “Anonymous attempts,” likely through communications or falsified letters, “to break up marriages” is such a tactic. Another phrase to describe this is “divide and conquer.”  This is probably not a surprise to many. It is worth keeping in mind due to the possibility of such tactics being used again.

‘Secret offensive actions against Americans’ and ‘covert efforts to influence political action’

The report also describes the FBI’s actions as “tactics unworthy of a democracy, and occasionally reminiscent of the tactics of totalitarian regimes.” (Page 3) In the past, then, the FBI used covert actions with lawlessness like “totalitarian regimes.” The document says that the corrupt actions of the FBI and its predecessor engaged in “repressive activity” and over the years, the FBI and domestic intelligence actions went “beyond investigation of criminal conduct toward the collection of political intelligence and the launching of secret offensive actions against Americans.” (Page 21)

“Secret offensive actions against Americans” by the FBI or other government entities should be problematic for anyone. Not many people can legally take on the FBI or other government entities, especially when it is nearly impossible to prove that the FBI or other entities committed crimes.

The document also says that the FBI and other entities repeated the corruption over several years. (Page 21) Thus, “totalitarian tactics” were apparently not merely actions committed by a few corrupt people; the corruption continued, and, one might reasonably say that employment in an almost unlimitedly powerful FBI and other entities was likely sought after by the criminals themselves. Apparently even at the present time, such entities like the FBI may commit “otherwise illegal activity.”

The U.S. Senate also reported that the FBI used “intelligence as a vehicle for covert efforts to influence social policy and political action.” (Page 240) This is significant and may be especially relevant with regard to recent occurrences in the U.S. and potentially even in other countries. The FBI is an international police entity.

READ: This Obama-Biden advisor suggested surrendering US sovereignty to a world government

It is again necessary to emphasize that the FBI used specifically “covert efforts”; that is, the FBI secretly tried to “influence social policy and political action” and did “secret offensive actions against Americans.” Such secret actions likely cannot be completed unless there are a large number of covert or secret police employees within the FBI or other secret police entity that the FBI uses for its hoaxes, ruses, ploys, and “otherwise illegal activity.” Such “covert efforts to influence social policy and political action” were probably, and possibly continue to be, major occurrences that are in the local or national news.

It cannot be elaborated here, but it should be noted that the U.S. Senate report on the “covert efforts” by the FBI to “influence social policy and political action” being described here was apparently published in 1976. One might wonder what kind of “social policies and political actions” the FBI “covertly” influenced prior to 1976.

FBI used the media for covert propaganda, attacked leaders of disfavored groups

The U.S Senate report describes the FBI’s use of “mass media” and that the FBI “attacked the leadership of groups which it considered threats to the social order”:

In its efforts to “protect society,” the FBI engaged in activities which necessarily affected the processes by which American citizens make decisions. In doing so, it distorted and exaggerated facts, made use of the mass media, and attacked the leadership of groups which it considered threats to the social order. (Page 226)

The same discussion continues by writing that such efforts by the FBI included “the covert use of power or position of trust to influence others.” (Page 226, emphasis added) Again, it is necessary to emphasize “covert” and secretive use of power by the FBI to attack leadership of groups.

Many have wondered if much of the media is controlled by liberals; it is probably a legitimate question whether much of the media is controlled by the FBI and/or the U.S. federal (and possibly local) intelligence entities. The previous statement is also significant in that the FBI “attacked the leadership of groups which it considered threats to the social order.” Some have said that the FBI and the intelligence community employ a significant number of liberals. Such liberals might consider the Catholic Church, and faithful leaders of the Catholic Church, to be “threats” to their false and intrinsically evil beliefs.

This is particularly significant because the FBI is an international entity and apparently coordinates with the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL). How far would liberals within the U.S. or international FBI or Interpol go to get rid of faithful Catholic leaders and attempt to promote those with similar ideas as their own? (Such attacks on the leadership of the Church are mentioned numerous times in Scripture and likely are not surprising to many. The point here is that the U.S. Senate report describes attacks on leadership by the FBI used specifically as a covert tactic. Because of the current anti-Catholic beliefs of many within government, one might reasonably be on the lookout for such tactics.)

That is not all of the specifically “covert” actions of the FBI, though. The U.S. Senate Report mentions that the FBI used covert propaganda to influence public opinion:

Through covert propaganda, the FBI not only attempted to influence public opinion on matters of social policy, but also directly intervened in the people’s choice of leadership both through the electoral process and in other, less formal arenas. (Pages 247-248)

Again, it is important to emphasize here that the FBI used specifically “covert propaganda” to “influence public opinion.” This appears to imply a significant control over the media. Could anything in the news at the present time be “covert propaganda to influence public opinion on matters of social policy?”

READ: FBI targeted parents critical of school COVID mandates as potential ‘threats’: whistleblowers

Here, some might say that implied in the U.S. Senate report is that the FBI claims that it was attempting to oppose communism or violent persons or groups at that time. Indeed, that is at least partially what was claimed by the FBI and other entities. However, it is important to remember that the FBI uses strategic deception. At the present time, communist/socialist anti-freedom policies and ideologies are very clearly extremely prevalent in the U.S. federal government and many local governments. The COVID-19 anti-freedom restrictions, high gas prices, and inflation might be a result of such policies and ideals. 

Thus, it may be that such statements by the FBI were only partial truths maybe the FBI was indeed using “covert propaganda,” but the propaganda may have been in favor of propagating communism and opposing freedoms. Of course, the FBI and other covert police or intelligence entities also could have been overtaken by such anti-freedom entities since the publication of that U.S. Senate document. If that is the case, then the FBI and potentially other law enforcement or intelligence entities may currently be using the same type of methods “covert propaganda to influence public opinion” “vicious tactics” “of totalitarian regimes,” etc. but they would likely be using those tactics against different persons that they considered threats to their intrinsically evil beliefs. In other words, liberals may use such power and evil tactics against authentic Catholics.

FBI allowed to covertly commit ‘otherwise illegal activity’

What might a “covert effort to influence social policy and political action” be? The FBI apparently allows itself to commit “otherwise illegal activity” (page 12); one type of “covert effort to influence social policy” might be for one or more FBI employees or non-employees directed by the FBI to commit a crime and then attempt to falsely accuse a person or group of the crime the FBI committed. 

For example, there might be a group of people who have publicly described certain actions as “intrinsically evil” and/or “disordered.” To discredit such persons, it seems possible that, and based on what is described in the U.S. Senate report, the FBI might actually commit a crime, attempt to get the crime described in the local or national news, and then attempt to falsely accuse a person or group to discredit them and gain the false compassion of America or local communities. This, then, might “covertly influence social policy and political action” in favor of whatever is wanted by corrupt government persons. (It seems that if there is truly a justice system in America, then the FBI should be potential suspects in some or many crimes due to their own guidelines which apparently allow them to commit “otherwise illegal activity.”)

Such “covert effort to influence social policy and political action” also might be hoaxes, “ruses or ploys” and law enforcement “strategic deceptions” which apparently are, or at least apparently were at one time, “used often” by the FBI. (Page 132) One possibility is a falsified or hoax pandemic. Other possibilities might be determined by simply observing the often numerous oddities of supposed crimes which make local or national news, are seemingly perfectly timed to direct attention away from U.S. federal government corruption, and then are immediately used as an attempt, often by liberals, to “influence social policy and political action.” Some or many of those major occurrences in the news may indeed be real, but after studying the history of the use of ruses, ploys, and hoaxes by the FBI and other law enforcement or police entities, one might want to question the authenticity of such events. 

US law may let FBI use ‘hoaxes,’ spread false information

U.S. federal law apparently provides a way for “covert efforts to influence social policy and political action”; there is a law enforcement exemption in U.S. federal law which apparently allows the FBI and potentially local police to commit hoaxes and propagate false information. (18 U.S. Code § 1038(d)) There are more “law enforcement exemptions” which could be used to harm innocent Americans and take away freedoms.

Thus, another potential way for the FBI, and potentially even local police, to use “covert efforts to influence social policy and political action” might be to (either publicly or within a group which the target relies on: see above, “provoke target groups into rivalries”) falsely accuse a person of a crime or even an action that was not a crime and was never committed and then attempt to use the false accusations to pressure the targeted person to admit to having committed the action. Then use such falsifications to discredit the targeted person or group.

Study history; it takes a large amount of energy, and often a lot of money, to fight against false accusations. It is a bit of a tangent, but this is why “bullying” is often so harmful to the targeted person. It is essentially the repetitive use of false accusations or covert stalking with hints and suggestions of false accusations that a person has to repetitively use large amounts of energy to attempt to ignore, often without much, if any, support from others. This method may have been used by the FBI and/or other government entities within the past few years to apparently falsely accuse one very well-known American politician.

Truthfulness is necessary for a functioning society

Of course, who is going to prevent or punish the FBI or other powerful covert/secretive entities, including the secret/covert local police, from committing hoaxes or “otherwise illegal activity?” In the past, even Congress feared the FBI; in the words of one former Congressman,

Our society can survive many challenges and many threats. It cannot survive a planned and programmed fear of its own government bureaus and agencies. (Page 240)

One could also say that America cannot survive the propagation of false information, hoaxes, or “covert efforts to influence social policy and political action” by the FBI, law enforcement, or any other entity. It seems that because the FBI (and possibly other covert local or federal government law enforcement or intelligence entities) apparently allows itself to commit crimes, FBI employees and other persons cooperating with the FBI should be determined to be either potential threats or actual threats to individuals and to “national security.” 

It cannot be completely elaborated here, but false “investigations” may be used by the FBI to cause harm to innocent person being “investigated” as well as acquaintances of the target who are not being investigated. The U.S. Senate report describes the FBI method of

Harassing individuals through unnecessary overt investigative techniques such as interviews or obvious physical surveillance for the purpose of intimidation. (Page 317)

Also, if the FBI is “investigating,” then the targeted person is still implied to be innocent. Yet the FBI, and potentially other entities, may themselves become guilty of crimes (“otherwise illegal activity”) while “investigating” an innocent person. A true justice system might somehow require all FBI employees and others who have previously cooperated in schemes or other covert actions to somehow be publicly discoverable by anyone, especially those who are or were targeted by the schemes. Those who were coerced into participating in covert FBI or local police schemes should likely be encouraged with rewards to be whistleblowers.

It also should be mentioned that it is impossible for human beings to live in a society without mutual confidence that each is being truthful to one another. (STh II-II 109, 3 ad 1.) The use of a secret police for covert schemes, hoaxes, ruses, or ploys is contrary to truth. Schemes, hoaxes, ruses, ploys and the propagation of falsehoods can destroy a human being; communist governments used lies and schemes as a way to attempt to destroy individual persons. (Some of the opinions of the previous source are not endorsed; it is cited as an explanation of covert use of lies, hoaxes, and schemes which can cause harm and may be used in America.) Similarly, the use of hoaxes, ruses, ploys, and other falsifications can destroy a country. It seems that many, if not most or all, covert actions use lying, and lying is intrinsically disordered. It seems that most, if not all, covert actions should be prohibited.

Of course, the destruction of America might be the purpose of some or many covert hoaxes and the use of false information by federal and local government bureaus and departments. It is not clear how such powerful entities like the FBI and/or local police can be prevented from committing specifically covert crimes (“otherwise illegal activities”) through covert hoaxes and propagating false information. This is especially true due to the likely large number of people who get paid by either being covertly employed by the FBI or one or more secret police entities in America or are paid in other ways by the FBI or other secret police entity in America. 

READ: Republicans demand answers from FBI on surveillance of 3.3 million Americans

Nationwide secret police force?

This may be one way in which a socialist-like government may have begun America: covertly employ thousands or millions of people in the FBI or other national secret police entity who are told they are protecting America, while in reality they are merely being used to covertly stalk, harass, intimidate, and in some cases significantly harm or neutralize innocent persons. 

This type of government employment would be much like being in the mafia: once a person is employed by the FBI or other government secret police entity, they “know too much” about the methods, technologies, and potential crimes of the FBI or other secret police entity. 

Such persons would be fully dependent on the FBI or secret police for their monetary survival, and, due to “knowing too much,” would likely be unable to obtain employment elsewhere. The more people the FBI or other secret police entity employs, then the more people who are fully dependent on the specific type of government employment which may be nearly impossible to get out of. It is either do what the potentially corrupt boss says, or be without employment. 

Employment in a U.S. or even local secret police entity would be much different from other types of government employment which do not have as much corruption as an entity which allows itself to commit “otherwise illegal activity.” (Some might say that not all FBI or other secret police entity employees are corrupt. The main problem is that it seems that most of those employees have to use some type of lying, and lying is intrinsically disordered. Jesus has strong words to say about those who lie or use other types of deception, including His words in the Book of Revelation.)

Has the FBI been involved in major recent events?

It is often wrongly said that a person who is leery of the FBI or other covert local or federal government law enforcement is unusually suspicious. There is sufficient information, especially in the U.S. Senate report on the corruption of the FBI and other entities, however, which suggests such accusations are incorrect. 

Actually, it may be that the FBI and other entities covertly utilized media, major hoaxes, and falsified crimes which make the national news for many days in which the false criminals were suspicious of the FBI or other police entity with the intent that Americans will project onto others the belief that “suspicion of the FBI or covert law enforcement means a person is mentally unstable” to quiet criticism. 

Understanding the hoaxes, ruses, ploys, and other actions of entities like the FBI, the intelligence community, and possibly even local police entities might require one to understand how human beings typically react to what is presented as reality in the news or other media. Such entities might use a ruse, ploy, hoax, or other falsehood because it is seems that many human beings, often without even realizing they are doing it, might “project” the characteristics of other human beings around them onto other people that they may know. 

For example, the FBI or potentially even local police might use a major false crime as a hoax, ruse, or ploy. Many people in communities or nationally hear about the crime and then want to know all of the characteristics of the false criminal; the FBI or possibly local police use specific characteristics of the false criminal that they want a community or nation to project onto someone else. This may be in attempt to get local communities or national communities suspicious of someone the FBI or local police is attempting to remove from society. This approach may then result in more people participating in “community-oriented policing” and likely the use of covert stalking, harassment, and intimidation until the targeted person does not have a job and loses all other support (a tactic apparently used by the FBI in the past). It seems that the ultimate plan is for the targeted person to be removed from society in any way possible.

In other words, it seems to be at least possible that the FBI and other covert government entities might use hoaxes and false crimes with the main purpose of making the national news; such government entities can use the made-up criminal as manipulation: “this [made up] criminal suspected that the FBI or police was covertly stalking or harassing them. Don’t suspect the FBI or other covert law enforcement entities, or people will think you are crazy like this [made-up] criminal. And if you know someone like this [made-up] criminal, do whatever you can to get them unemployed and removed from society, otherwise they might do the same actions as this [made-up] criminal.”

Necessary distinction: evil people in government vs. government itself

The lying and other evils of the FBI, intelligence community, and (mostly) covert law enforcement entities in the previously cited U.S. Senate document were committed by evil persons within government; it is a necessary distinction to distinguish between government and evil persons within government. Such persons may be evil before being employed by the government; such persons may deliberately try to get employment in an entity like the FBI or other covert law enforcement entity specifically to be able to commit crimes against persons they do not like and not be punished for those crimes. While it may be difficult to say if the FBI and other covert entities are more or less corrupt now than the 1930s-1970s, it can be said that there is a significant amount of evil in American government at the present time. 

One might reasonably conclude that such corruption not only continues but may have gotten much more prevalent due to the “substantial increase” in use of “community-oriented policing” tactics brought about by then-Senator Biden in many cities throughout America. (108 STAT. 1807) Such persons are likely, or at least may be, covert or secret FBI, police, intelligence, or other law enforcement employees.

To conclude, there are a few main points to keep in mind. The FBI, other intelligence entities, and apparently even local police may commit hoaxes and propagate false information. The FBI has said in the past that the FBI uses strategic deception, ruses, and ploys “often.” The FBI has used its almost unlimited power, money, and potentially large number of covert employees in “covert efforts to influence social policy and political action.” The FBI and other intelligence entities have used “secret offensive actions against Americans,” “vicious tactics” which may cause death, and “tactics unworthy of a democracy, and occasionally reminiscent of the tactics of totalitarian regimes.”

It cannot be discussed here, but totalitarian regimes, of course, use extensive surveillance and torture tactics, sometimes tactics which indirectly lead to or directly cause death, against their own citizens, often for merely criticizing or opposing government officials. 

When observing current events and what are said to be major crimes or other major occurrences (like what is reported to be the COVID-19 pandemic) published in the national news, local news, and even the international news, a genuinely concerned citizen might try to determine all of the possible causes of those major occurrences. Because of the FBI’s and potentially other law enforcement entities’ almost unlimited power, money, corrupt history, previous history of “often” using strategic deception and hoaxes as “covert efforts to influence social policy and political action,” “covert propaganda,” likely large number of covert employees in local communities, and U.S. federal laws which apparently allow the FBI and local police to commit hoaxes and propagate false information in the news, it seems that an FBI or even local police hoax should be considered to be a possible cause of at least some of those occurrences described in the news.

And while it cannot be discussed here, it might be worth wondering what types of advanced innovative surveillance technologies and tactics that might be used by such entities.

Finally, because it is impossible for human beings to live in a society without mutual confidence that each is being truthful to one another, the “law enforcement exemption” in U.S. Federal Law which apparently allows the FBI and potentially local police to commit hoaxes and propagate false information (and multiple other “law enforcement exemptions” not mentioned here) should be repealed. It is likely that such powerful and corrupt persons who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it (until they face the Just Judgment of God, Who does not permit such actions) may still commit crimes mentioned in the U.S. Senate report and potentially even worse crimes with advanced innovative remote and covert surveillance and torture technologies. At least such persons cannot be able to claim that what they are doing is legal, and if future government employees are less corrupt, they may be able to use just laws to do authentic good and avoid evil.