November 25, 2011 ( – As the pro-life film 180 continues to attract an ever growing viewership, its creator Ray Comfort has announced that the video is doing more than just changing people’s minds on abortion: it is saving people’s lives.

“We’ve received word that another unborn baby has been saved as a result of an expectant mother and her boyfriend watching 180,” said Comfort, adding that the couple is no longer pro-choice because of the compelling arguments made in the film.

The pro-life video, which strikes an analogy between the horror of the World War II holocaust against the Jews and the current war against nascent human life in the womb, has surpassed 1.64 million views on Youtube.

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A message to the film’s producer related that a young woman had discovered, after breaking up with her boyfriend, that she was pregnant.

The message, written by a friend of the young mother, conveyed the impact the film had made on the expectant mother.

“Well, they both saw this movie and are [now] both firmly convicted about not having an abortion. She kept saying the blonde girl in the film really brought it home for her, to really understand that it was wrong to murder a child like that.”

After watching the pro-life film and hearing her baby’s heartbeat during an ultrasound, the young mother opted for life. She and her boyfriend have now decided to raise the child together.

“Thank you for making this compelling film and what it has done to change the hearts and minds of many people, especially the power of the Gospel that makes all the difference, for time and for eternity,” wrote the young mother’s friend to Comfort.

Comfort says he is grateful that “once again, the Lord has used Alicia, who is interviewed in ‘180,’ to help change people’s hearts.”