By John-Henry Westen

BERLIN, July 31, 2007 ( – After severe criticism from German and Polish parents, medical and psychological experts the German government’s Ministry for Family Affairs has pulled two booklets aimed at parents of toddlers and young children which advocated parent-child sexual massage. In addition to encouraging fathers to massage their infant daughter’s private parts, the documents encourage unlimited masturbation. (see coverage: )

Reported on by yesterday, the content of the booklets were first brought to light in Germany by sociologist Gabriele Kuby. Kuby told today that she actually raised the horrific content of the booklets two and a half years ago in her book entitled, “Ausbruch zur Liebe”.

On June 29 of this year the newspaper “Die Junge Freiheit” published an article by Kuby exposing the booklets again with an accompanying page-one editorial by editor Dieter Stein. The news made it to other major German papers and was also picked up on July 9 by the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita.

Anna Przymont, a child psychologist, is quoted in Rzeczpospolita describing the contents of the booklet as “vulgar and verging on pedophilia.”

“There is no doubt that children at that age do masturbate,” Przymon explained. “But if we allow them to do that, they will keep on masturbating until they get addicted. This often results in emotional disorders.”

Major media in Germany picked up the story and television media are now airing the story nationally. When the facts were presented to the Minister of Family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen by the mainstream media, she removed the booklets from circulation.

Marc Kinert, a spokesman for von der Leyen a Minister in the ruling Christian Democrat Party told the press that the booklets were “inherited from the previous government” and that the Minister was unfamiliar with the contents.

While the Government has now pulled the booklets encouraging parent-toddler sexual massage, they have not yet pulled the children’s song book which advocates masturbation for children as young as 4-years of age.

Gabriele Kuby Kuby informed that tomorrow another story will be published on the song-book and she is hoping for a similar result.

In her original article on the subject Kuby noted that beyond the shocking booklets and song-book, the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung – BZgA) has in almost all their publications promoted the sexualisation of children as young as one year of age. BZgA has she said, been undermining parental authority, equating homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality with normal sexual relations and also promoting abortion.

She wondered why the majority of Christians in the nation and the religious leadership had remained virtually silent about the atrocities. “It is time to wake up!” she warned.

Kuby told that she hoped the raising of the awareness on the issues would stir a national debate on the dangers of the sexualisation of children and youth.

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