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Dr. Simone Gold (3rd from right) along with other doctors from America's Frontline Doctors in front of the CDC's building in Atlanta, Georgia, Dec. 13, 2020. Dr. Simone Gold / Twitter

ATLANTA, Georgia, December 16, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A group of U.S. doctors held a protest in front of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta on Sunday warning the government against forcing millions of Americans to take an “experimental” COVID-19 vaccine that would amount to the “largest medical experimentation program in U.S. history.”

Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, said that while the accelerated rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine according to President Trump’s “Warp Speed” program is an “impressive” logistical accomplishment, the vaccination program itself “should be approached with caution.”

“Vaccination mandates at the state, local, and private level are incompatible with civil liberties and subject millions of Americans to an experimental drug,” Gold said in a press release.

“For this reason and more, America’s Frontline Doctors is asking regulators to open up the process to additional public comment and transparency before millions more doses are manufactured and administered,” she added.

Gold told LifeSiteNews that “most Americans should not consider an experimental drug for an illness with a 99.7 percent survival rate as the risk of the experimental treatment would exceed any benefit.”

“Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. America’s Frontline Doctors is calling for greater transparency for concerned citizens and better data for policy makers before we embark on the largest experimental vaccination program in history. Experimental vaccinations must always be an informed decision between a doctor and his or her patient that takes into consideration a plurality of risk factors including patient age, comorbidities, and exposure risks,” she added.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Friday that it has approved the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for individuals over 16 years of age. The CDC states that there is a “lack of data on the safety and efficacy” of the vaccine when it comes to various questions, such as if the vaccine is safe to use with other vaccines, if it should be used by persons with “HIV infection, other immunocompromising conditions,” and if it can be safely taken by “pregnant people.” 

Gold said in a press release that her group is not “anti-vaccination.” She added, however, that Americans should not be required to “sacrifice their constitutionally protected rights and, possibly, their health for an experimental vaccine that has not demonstrated its safety and effectiveness using the same rigorous scientific standards we demand of other drugs.”

“We are therefore counseling caution among patients and their prescribing physicians and calling on the federal government to take these safety concerns seriously before administering the largest vaccination program in our country’s history,” she said.

The group of doctors released a position paper where they expressed their concerns about COVID-19 vaccines.

  • The doctors call for more research into the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness, including questions about “pathogenic priming resulting in sudden severe cytokine storm and possible fertility side effects in women of childbearing age.”
  • They lay out a number of already-known safety concerns regarding the mRNA vaccines developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, including that these vaccines are a “brand new technology” from which “unexpected things must be expected,” that there are no “independently published animal studies” on the vaccines, that there are “known complications” that are being minimized, that there are “unknown complications” regarding how the vaccines will affect an “enormous percentage of the population,” that the creators of the vaccines are “immune from all liability,” and finally, that the high rate of recovery of those who contract COVID-19 does not justify taking an experimental vaccine with unknown complications.
  • The doctors lay out why the vaccines must be labeled properly as “experimental” since the pharmaceutical companies are clear in their advisories to the FDA that the products are “investigational.”

The doctors in their paper point out that in medicine the guiding principle is “first, do no harm.”

“Widely distributing a COVID-19 experimental vaccine before adequately addressing and clinically evaluating the above concerns is reckless,” they write, adding, “ This is especially true in adults under 50 years old who have an infection survival rate of about 99.98 percent, and even lower in those without high-risk comorbidities.”

The doctors state that vaccination “must always be an informed decision between a doctor and his/her patient that takes into consideration a plurality of risk factors including patient age, comorbidities and exposure risks.”

“Every patient is unique both in mind and body. It is in the sacrosanct relationship between a patient and doctor that these differences are explored, not by a politician or remote health authority that will never face a patient or grieving family member to report bad news from a medical intervention,” they add.

America’s Frontline Doctors has created a petition, signed by nearly 10,000 people, demanding that American citizens not be “intimidated or pressured into taking experimental vaccines.”

“Your health and medical conditions are personal and private and nobody should be permitted to violate that, including an employer, an airline, or a government agency,” the petition states.

The petition states that any “business, employer, or school that mandates or otherwise attempts to force a vaccine” will be actively blacklisted and boycotted.

The group of doctors stated in a Dec. 13 Facebook post that the “most pressing issue is to disrupt the airline industry's decision to mandate this experiment on us as a requirement for travel.”

“Once the airline industry mandates proof of the experimental vaccine, freedom of movement in the USA is gone,” the doctors’ group states.

America’s Frontline Doctors rose to prominence last summer by hosting two “White Coat Summits” in front of the U.S. Supreme Court where, in the first, the doctors championed hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for COVID-19 and where, in the second, they opposed oppressive coronavirus measures such as lockdowns and mask mandates.

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