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(LifeSiteNews) — The government of the Canadian province of Quebec has announced $23.7 million in funding to fight “homophobia and “transphobia.”

Quebec is currently governed by the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) party, which has been labelled as “center right” and “conservative.” Despite this, the Minister for the Status of Women, Martine Biron, has pledged funding for the LGBT “community environment” and the supposed “recognition of sexual and gender diversity.”

Biron said this plan is meant to combat hate speech and make Quebec more open and welcoming.

“I want this plan to be a response, a way to work to counter the rise of violence, the rise of intimidation, the rise of intolerance,” she stated.

Georges Buscemi, the Montreal-based president of Campagne Québec-Vie, said that the claims of violence are greatly exaggerated.

“They give the impression that people are getting beat up in alleyways with broken bottles,” he said. “What is actually happening is that there is pushback against LGBT indoctrination in schools.”

Buscemi said the Quebec government is likely referring to a single incident in Montreal in which a pride flag was taken down by high school students.

“This might also be a reaction against the parental rights marches,” he said, referring to the peaceful Million Person March for Children held in October.

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That this plan is coming from a supposedly right-wing party is no surprise for Buscemi.

“Quebec is generally on the left. Even the so-called “right wing parties” are left of center in any objective way of seeing things,” he said. “The Quebec government of the last several decades has been on the forefront of these progressive projects and these causes.”

One threat to Quebec’s pro-LGBT hegemony is immigration, which Buscemi suspects will be a target for the incoming training programs.

“These new immigrants, these people who have not completely gotten the memo and been sufficiently indoctrinated, they have to be really taught quickly,” Buscemi said sarcastically. “So we need more money pumped into these various entities which will then be fanning out—probably throughout the educational system.”

Buscemi said that the “community environment” funds are likely going to organizations that target children for LGBT indoctrination.

“What they do a lot of is school visits,” he explained. “They shakedown schools. They are kind of like a racket where they will go to a school and say, ‘Are you accepting us and paying us to come?’ And if [school officials] say no, well, then they are in trouble.”

The $23.7 million will be distributed over the next five years to various organizations across the province. Nearly half is allocated for “community groups”, which are budgeted to receive $11 million collectively.

An alarming $4.6 million is going towards “recognition of sexual and gender diversity” with another $1.6 million dedicated to “strengthening the coherence and effectiveness of actions.”

According to the federally-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), activists are nevertheless unsatisfied because of the Quebec government’s delay in putting X gender markers on provincial IDs.

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