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(Campaign Life Coalition) — In June of last year, Justin Trudeau criminalized parents who might attempt to help their gender-confused children to feel comfortable with the body God gave them.

Simply affirming their confused young child as a boy or a girl in accordance with their biological reality can land loving moms and dads in jail for up to five years under Liberal Bill C-4.

His unconstitutional diktat is disgusting.

It’s hateful toward parents.

It’s abusive toward children.

Put simply, C-4 is one of the most extreme, anti-Christian, and anti-family pieces of legislation we’ve seen from the Trudeau government.

But take heart, I bring good news!

Joseph Bourgault, one of the pro-life Conservative Party leadership hopefuls just released a campaign video pledging to “review and then get rid of” this parental prosecution law that the Trudeau Liberals have disingenuously labeled a “conversion therapy ban.”

Watch Joseph’s video in which he promises to repeal Bill C-4.

We have a big problem, though.

To get on the ballot (and on the debate stage), Joseph only has until April 29th to submit the $300,000 candidate entry fee required by the Conservative Party, plus 500 signatures from paid-up party members.

He’s very close, but needs a push to get him over the top in these final three days.

You don’t have to be a party member to donate.

If you’re against Trudeau’s brutish parental prosecution bill, will you please give Joseph the platform he needs to fight bill C-4, by making a tax-deductible donation of $500?

Or whatever you can afford? You get 75% back on next year’s tax return, so a $500 political contribution, for example, will cost you only $125!

Donate to Joseph Bourgault here.

Joseph also desperately needs more nomination signatures. However, only paid-up CPC members can sign. (Anybody can donate).

If you’re a paid-up Conservative Party member, please download Joseph’s nomination form here, sign it, and email it back to him at [email protected].

Other pro-life, pro-family candidates Grant Abraham and Marc Dalton also need help raising the $300K each and 500 nomination signatures.

After donating to Joseph, would you please make a contribution to Grant and Marc, too?

Donate to Grant Abraham by filling out this donation form here and then emailing it to him at [email protected].

Sign Grant’s nomination form (if you’re a CPC Member) by downloading it from here, signing it, and then emailing it back to him.

Last but not least, please donate to pro-life MP Marc Dalton at this dedicated page to help him hit the $300K target by April 29th:

Sign Marc’s nomination form by clicking here and emailing it back to him at [email protected].

With your help, we can get all three of these wonderful, God-fearing men on the ballot and in the debates.