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224 people are praying for an end to IVF.

Human embryos are the most abused and disposable of God’s creatures today, with many of them artificially produced by scientists in an in-vitro fertilization transaction that ends in their death.

Human beings, however, should never be created in a laboratory, nor stored, frozen or discarded.

The good end that adults seek of bearing a child does not justify the evil means of IVF, conducted by scientists who are playing God and ignoring the sacred value of the embryo.

We therefore ask you to pray for an end to the inhumane practise of IVF.

We also pray for politicians – that they might craft laws that end the abuse of human embryos, whether through IVF or abortion.

Lastly, we pray for the conversion of those who have undergone IVF or are part of that lucrative industry.

After signing our prayer pledge, please send the link to others who might be moved to pray.


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