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TORONTO, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) – It seems that the World Health Organization (WHO) is not satisfied with its proverbial boot on the neck of civilization and has recently made the call for a “strengthened, empowered, and sustainably financed WHO at the centre of the global health architecture.” 

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom made that bold claim – as well as many others – during his opening remarks at the Special Session of the World Health Assembly.  

With Christmas around the corner, it seems that the WHO sees the coronavirus as the gift that keeps on giving. Many jurisdictions around the world have started to move on from their collective virus mania and have opened up fully or to a relative degree; and in nations that are still significantly oppressed, opposition is rising, and tensions are at a fever pitch. 

Adhanom is not happy and, in typical Marxist fashion, is not letting a perceived crisis go to waste. As the hysteria surrounding the overhyped “Delta” variant begins to wane like vaccine-induced immunity, the Omicron variant has sprung forth like a genie from a bottle. Never mind that there are scant – if any – reasons to fear that the variant is of any notable concern – or the fact that the jabs have done nothing to stop the spread of the new bug mutation – the world’s most powerful health bureaucrat has seized the moment to call for bigger, stronger, and more pervasive government worldwide. 

In the typical fashion of a true Marxist, Adhanom contradicted his own claims in his message. In one breath, he said, “The emergence of the highly-mutated Omicron variant underlines just how perilous and precarious our situation is,” and a moment later he uttered, “We don’t yet know whether Omicron is associated with more transmission, more severe disease, more risk of reinfections, or more risk of evading vaccines.” 

One would think that comments like this would give pause to anyone who was addressing a global audience out of fear that he might needlessly stoke, well, fear. But then again, men who are accused of slaughtering their own people are not usually concerned with the public well-being.  

Perhaps you heard back in March that the WHO called for a worldwide organizational structure where the international community could work together “towards a new international treaty for pandemic preparedness and response.” 

In a commentary signed by the who’s who of world leaders and health bureaucrats, the WHO called for a “new international treaty for pandemic preparedness and response.” 

It must be said, the WHO is not your government, you did not vote for them, and they have no licit legal authority over you. However, they seem to act as if they speak with divine fiat – their bureaucratic will be done! 

One of the statements that the health tyrants made in March was that “nobody is safe until everyone is safe.” 

Could a more nonsensical statement be uttered? Imagine if you said, “No one sleeps unless everyone sleeps,” or “no one earns a living unless everyone earns a living.” 

It should not surprise us, however, that these globalist hacks speak with contradictory phraseology, as this has been evident since the beginning. The very notion of “social distancing” is a contradiction in terms; how can one be social if not around other people? To be around other people is to in fact be in a society – separating people puts them in a state of isolation, and not in a social setting. Perhaps socialist distancing would be a better term. 

We have also been told that we are “stronger together when we are apart,” and as society is segregated into classes of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, we are apparently still “all in this together.” 

Adhanom’s speech reads like a masterclass in gaslighting for anyone who has versed himself in the truth about the untruths that have spread quicker than any virus over the past 21 months.  

Near the outset of his remarks, he says, “Our most immediate task, therefore, is the end this pandemic.” 

It leads us to ask – what exactly is a pandemic? According to WHO documents from 2011, “pandemics can be said to occur annually in each of the temperate southern and northern hemispheres, given that seasonal epidemics cross international boundaries and affect a large number of people.” 

That definition was taken from an international discussion that took place after the Swine Flu pandemic, with health leaders from the world over discussing the messaging to use. One of the contentions in the discussion was that the word “pandemic” invoked a certain feeling of severity. However, the WHO countered by showing that pandemics occur annually: they are called cold and flu season. 

If Tedros Adhanom wants the pandemic to end, then he just has to wait until spring, when it will end for the season in the Northern Hemisphere, only to pick up in the Global South. 

He called for “fidelity to science” as well. Perhaps we should ask him if we should also show our fidelity to Anthony Fauci – after all, to criticize him is to criticize science. The WHO has routinely called for masking as a way of stopping the spread of a respiratory virus; this contradicts the actual science that says the opposite 

Appealing to “the science,” Adhanom said, “We cannot end this pandemic unless we solve the vaccine crisis.” In a twist of irony, I actually agree with him that there is a “vaccine crisis.”  

It is truly a crisis that so many hundreds of thousands of people have been injured, or killed, or had their fertility threatened because of an abortion-tainted jab that they have been coerced into injecting into their bodies.  

And for those who believe that COVID is as serious as polio, as the Canadian legacy media seems to, then it is a crisis that there is such strong evidence that the “vaccinated” are just as likely to carry and transmit the virus as the unvaccinated. Add to that the fact that the vaccines offer little immunity as the months carry on.  

For some reason, I do not think that the WHO czar sees the vaccine crisis the same way that I do. 

Displaying more of his illogical and contradictory reasoning skills, Adhanom also said that “no country can vaccinate its way out of the pandemic alone.” Of course. We are not vaccinated until we are all vaccinated, I suppose. 

He then mentioned the deaths caused by the virus, which in his opinion caused a “disruption to essential health services.” Perhaps I missed the memo the virus sent telling hospitals to stop treating cancer patients. 

Perhaps the truest thing he said in his whole address was this: “Science has been undermined. Misinformation has abounded.” I am in full agreement. His speech and other statements he and the WHO have made throughout the declared pandemic have spread loads of misinformation, and by doing so they have undermined science.  

“Comprehensive. Coordinated. Effective. Three words that history will not use to describe the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said. 

I will have to disagree with him here. History will use those words to describe the response to the pandemic. 

We have seen a comprehensive, coordinated, and effective effort on behalf of the globalist elite to destroy the liberties of hundreds of millions of innocent citizens in a way that makes the greatest Marxist politicians of the past look like amateurs. 

Maybe Mr. Adhanom should consider a little more caution when invoking the judgment of history. History will judge his actions – along with those of many others – and as information continues to come out, that judgment will be severe and unrelenting.  

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Kennedy Hall is an Ontario based journalist for LifeSiteNews. He is married with children and has a deep love for literature and political philosophy. He is the author of Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity, a non-fiction released by TAN books, and Lockdown with the Devil, a fiction released by Our Lady of Victory Press. He writes frequently for Crisis Magazine, Catholic Family News, and is on the editorial board at OnePeterFive.