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(LifeSiteNews) — Thousands of Americans are showing up for Evangelical actor turned freedom activist Kirk Cameron’s book readings at public libraries, a sign that Christians are refusing to be silent about the intrusion of LGBT ideology in their communities. 

Over the last two months, more than 2,500 people have descended upon libraries in Southern California, New York, and Indiana to hear the outspoken Growing Pains star read from “As You Grow,” his latest children’s book published by Brave Books in December of 2022. 

Cameron had previously been denied the chance to read his book at over 50 libraries that allowed “drag queen story hours,” the proponents of which blatantly admit their goal is to indoctrinate children.  

Cameron, a father of six, says he’s planning future visits to libraries in Missouri, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Florida as well. 

During an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson last month, Cameron called out the double standard that’s applied to Christians. 

“I’m thinking, ‘Wow, if we’re so committed to diversity, why am I being excluded?'” he asked. “Why can’t I use your facility to read my book? You’re a library.” 

“The family and the church are two great pillars of Western civilization,” Cameron continued. “Those two things need to be removed and taken out of the way in order to fundamentally change the power structure and the moral value code of the nation.” 

Brave Books told Fox News Digital recently that the libraries Cameron has appeared at have not been promoting his readings and that he’s had to pay up to $725 dollars to rent the space needed to conduct them. 

Cameron has long been a favorite among conservative Christians in America, not only for the wholesome characters he portrays on screen, but also for his willingness to call out homosexuality and defend the unborn. Cameron’s sister, actor Candace Cameron Bure, has also defended traditional morality on a number of occasions, especially when she was the token conservative co-host of the left-wing daytime talk show The View from 2015-2016.