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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop more online censorship laws

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) –– A petition backed by the Conservative Party of Canada is demanding a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.

The official petition was initiated by Peterborough, Ontario resident Melissa Outwater, and is sponsored by Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Michelle Ferreri, who represents the Peterborough—Kawartha, Ontario riding. As of this writing, the petition has over 70,000 signatures.  

The petition, which opened for signatures on November 24, 2023, reads, “We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to call for a vote of no confidence and a federal election 45 days following the vote.” 

The petition is open for signature until December 24, 2023. 

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has an informal coalition with Trudeau that began last year, agreeing to support and keep the Liberals in power until the next election is mandated by law in 2025. Until the NDP decide to break ranks with the Liberals, an early election call is unlikely.  

The stipulations the petition lays out for the vote of no confidence to take place reads: “The citizens of Canada have lost confidence in Justin Trudeau and the Liberal/NDP coalition. We call on the house for a vote of no confidence. We ask for an election 45 days after the vote if won.” 

The petition stipulates that the current Liberal government under Trudeau is “not acting in the best interest of all citizens” due to its ideologically charged agenda of going after people’s “civil liberties” and “unbalanced immigration policies.”  

“The policies of this government aren’t aligning with the crisis Canada is facing: housing costs, infringement of civil liberties, highest inflation in history, unbalanced immigration policies, taxation to the point of poverty, weakening of our economy by importing natural resources that Canada already has and under-utilizes,” it reads.  

Additionally, the petition states that after over eight years with Trudeau in charge, Canadians are losing confidence in his leadership, especially “after five ethics investigations” have had to be conducted.

As a result, the petition states that Canada’s “reputation” is “being tarnished on a global scale under his leadership.” 

Petitions to Canada’s House of Commons can be started by anyone but must have the support of five Canadian citizens or residents, along with the support of a sitting MP.  

Once a petition has over 500 verified signatures, it is presented to the House of Commons, where it awaits an official government response.  

Trudeau’s popularity has nosedived following scandal after scandal  

Recent polls show that the Trudeau Liberal’s popularity has taken a nosedive with no end in sight.  

Per a recent LifeSiteNews report, according to polls, were a Canadian federal election held today, the Conservatives under leader Pierre Poilievre would win a majority in the House of Commons over Trudeau’s Liberals.  

Most of the recent polls place the Conservatives as winning more than 200 seats, which would double the party’s current seat count. The Liberals on the other hand would lose nearly 100 seats, placing them at levels not seen in over 10 years. 

As it stands, the Liberals have 158 seats to the Conservatives’ 117, with the Bloc Quebecois having 35 and the NDP 25. There are three independent MPs and two Green MPs. One seat is vacant. A party needs at least 170 seats to form a majority government. 

Polling Canada noted how the Trudeau Liberals’ freefall in popularity is on par with 2011, which saw the party win only 77 seats to the Conservatives’ 143. 

Trudeau’s popularity has been in free-fall and his government has been embroiled in scandal after scandal, the latest being a controversy around a three-year carbon tax “pause” he announced on home heating oil, but only in Atlantic Canadian provinces. 

Even top Liberal party stalwarts have called for him to resign. 

Senator Percy Downe, who served as former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s chief of staff from 2001 to 2003, recently said that the “prudent course of action” is for another “Liberal Leader to rise from the impressive Liberal caucus and safeguard those policies [Trudeau] was actually able to accomplish.” 

When Trudeau was asked about Downe’s comments, however, he brushed off the idea of stepping down by saying “Oh well.” 

Trudeau has also drawn the ire of many of Canada’s premiers, five of whom late last week banded together to demand he drop the carbon tax on home heating bills for all provinces, saying his policy of giving one region a tax break over another has caused “divisions.” 

Yesterday, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith invoked the Sovereignty Act to safeguard Albertans from future power blackouts due to federal government overreach.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop more online censorship laws